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Catholic Wedding Ceremony - Order of Service

There are two catholic wedding ceremonies: The Rite of marriage only ceremony, which lasts 30 minutes and is generally used by couples of mixed religion. The ceremony comprises of a bible reading, responsorial psalm, Gospel reading, Homily, Rite of marriage(including vows declaration of consent and exchange of rings), prayers and signing of the register.

All of this accompanied with live music.

The full mass lasts 50 minutes and is the same ceremony but with the liturgy of the Eucharist and communion. This is generally used when both partners are catholic.

In both ceremonies you are able to choose your readings and prayers as well as your music. Once the church is secured we will send you a template of the chosen ceremony so that you can print booklets for guests. We will also send you suggestions for bible readings for weddings, Psalms and prayers. You will also receive our repertoire list for songs, hymns and instrumental pieces.

All music in the church is live(Church organ /piano and soprano)