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Catholic Wedding Ceremony - Preparation and Legal Requirements

Once the church is booked ( the procedure for this varies from church to church), we will appoint an English speaking priest to perform the ceremony. We will then send you a check list of everything that needs to be done your end and take care of the civil paperwork this end. Your parish priest is the one that must prepare you for the marriage and he will do the necessary paperwork. This simply involves obtaining updated birth and baptism certificates and completing a pre-marital course. The paperwork is generally started about 6 months before the wedding as some documents need to be dated within this time frame. This paperwork is then sent to your bishop who authorizes the marriage and this is sent to the bishop in Ibiza. We will be notified on its arrival. In the meantime we will send you everything you need to put the order of service together and help you with choosing readings , prayers and music.
My husband and I are professional musicians and have been providing music for ibiza wedding ceremonies for the past 15 years. The priests prefer that music is kept live in the church and for this reason the live music for your ceremony is included in the price.

On your arrival in Ibiza we will arrange a meeting with the priest and a full rehearsal of the ceremony. On the day we will see that everything runs smoothly and after the ceremony we will register the marriage with the town hall. You will then be provided with a marriage certificate from the civil authorities. This certificate is proof of your marriage and legally binding.
The catholic diocese in Ibiza will also notify your diocese of the marriage.
We are always happy to meet with you if you are on the island and go through some music options in the church with you as well as helping you to choose a church.

The only legally binding wedding ceremony available to non residents is a catholic church ceremony.At least one of you must be baptized a catholic.It does not matter if the other partner is unbaptized,has no faith or is baptized in another religion.
The process for the paperwork for a catholic marriage is mostly done with your catholic priest where you are resident.You will need to supply birth and baptism certificates( updated copies),proof that you are not already married and attend a simple marriage course.
A catholic marriage is not available to any couple where either partner has already been married before unless a pardon is granted by the Pope. For more information on eligibility you should speak to your catholic priest about this.
Once your paperwork is underway with your priest you will need to apply for a Freedom to marry certificate from your local registrar. This is proof that you are not married and this certificate is separate from the religious one.It is valid for three months only.