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Ceremony Structure - Secular Wedding Ceremony


The Structure of the ceremony we use follows the traditional marriage ceremony in its format.It is a ceremony of commitment and completely secular.However ,both our celebrants will discuss with you ways to make the ceremony more personal.


Including Children:


It is not uncommon these days for people to have children before they marry, or to be taking on their partners children from a previous marriage or relationship. So you may like to include your children within the ceremony, either by them contributing some form of spoken or musical tribute if they are old enough, or by adding your commitments to them as you become a new family.




You may want your ceremony to be totally non-religious, or you may want to include some form of religious content such as a Hymn, Prayer or Blessing. There are no restrictions, so the choice is totally yours. Some ceremonies are between couples of mixed faiths and therefore the ceremony can be a blending of more than one religion




This can always be played on an ipod but the magic of live music will always enhance your wedding ceremony.

Samantha’s husband is a professional pianist and has an extensive repertoire and is able to play any style of music you choose as well as accompanying hymns and soloists. If you choose to have recorded music he will be there with a professional PA and will take care of this part of the ceremony.


Ceremonies within the ceremony


The Unity candle

Lighting a Unity Candle during your wedding ceremony is a special way to symbolize your two lives joining together as one.



The sand ceremony

The “Blending of the Sands” ceremony can be a beautiful and meaningful alternative to the ” Unity Candle” ceremony. Like a Unity candle the pouring of two different sands together is used to symbolize the joining of the bride and groom or the joining of their families.



It is always lovely to include friends or family in the ceremony by having them read a poem or reading either from the bible or non religious.