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Ibiza Island, SpainWedding Ceremonies Ibiza

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Ibiza Island

Ibiza is a small little Island located in the Mediterranean Sea which is about 80 kilometers off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands and is the third largest Island in the region. Ibiza has a deep and wonderful history, from being discovered by the Carthaginians in 645 B.C to being occupied the Roman Empire which ended in 123 A.D. and also a large influence from the Arabians who occupied the Island during the 9th century for nearly 500 years. The island was taken by the Catalans in 1235 A.D. , they destroyed the Arabian Mosque and built the Cathedral which still stands to today in the main town of the Ibiza (Eivissa).
The 1960’s saw Ibiza take on a new invasion of people and these were the hippies who brought the flower power age to the Island, a place of happiness and dance. Now the Island is world famous for its super clubs, dance music scene and even rock music scene which over the past 3 decades has seen tourists flock to the Island every summer. The island of Ibiza has well over 80 beaches with some easy to access and others not so easy.

The main language used on the Island of Ibiza is Traditional Spanish, although some of the locals use a language called Ibicenco and they also speak Catalan. Many of the younger generations of Spanish on the Island speak English, because it’s the number one language taught in schools.

Ibiza has a seven month season of warm to hot weather with July and August being the hottest months of the year. The Island is well known for its nightlife and extremely popular destination for under 30’s.
Ibiza over the past two decades has changed its image to have something for everyone who visits the Island, although it’s geared towards youngsters, it has an abundance of activities and things to do for all ages. There are all the common things for tourists like surfing, jet skis, paragliding, waterpark, scuba diving and many more. The shopping in Ibiza can also be a fun and exciting day out. Local supermarkets are in abundance along with souvenir shops and then we have once a week markets like the most famous one the Hippie Market which happens every Wednesday in Es Canar.

Ibiza has become a popular destination to get married. Many couples come or return to Ibiza to marry. The Island of Ibiza has geared its self for this new invasion of people who seek to tie knot on the Island. With a stunning Spanish church in every town across the Island, fantastic sunsets, and typical Ibizan backdrops it sets the setting for a beautiful marriage.