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Legal Paperwork

Once you have provisionally booked your wedding date with me you can start on the paperwork. This is done by visiting your local catholic priest and letting him know of your intentions to marry in Ibiza. All the paperwork must be done in your country of residence. So it is your priest that must prepare you for the marriage and complete all the necessary paperwork . You will be asked to attend a marriage course and to provide several documents such as birth certificates and babtism certificates. If one of you is not catholic then the requirements may be slightly different. Some of the forms only last 6 months so don’t start the paperwork too early. Your priest can advise you on these details as they can vary.

Please ask your priest and Bishop to print all information clearly, as there has been mistakes made in the past, when the Bishop’s secretary has not been able to decipher names of towns etc…


-One of the documents that you must provide is called ‘freedom to marry’ certificate. This is obtained from the department of foreign affairs.

A catholic wedding ceremony in Spain is also recognized by civil law so sometime after the ceremony I will obtain an international certificate of marriage from the registry office and send it to you. The priest that marries you will also inform your diocese that you have been married in his church in Ibiza. The marriage document that is signed by you both at the altar stays in the churchs books. The priest then gives me a notification of the marriage to obtain a civil document from the Local authorities. This will be sent to you by registered post as your legal marriage certificate.

Once you have all your paperwork ready your priest will send it to your bishop. He will then send the necessary documents to the bishop here in Ibiza .When they arrive the church here will be notified and the wedding can go ahead. This all takes a few months but the post can let us down so leave enough time for delays!