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Live music for your reception

7Perhaps you’ve noticed, as we have, how often parties and receptions are spoiled by the music. The style doesn’t fit the guests or the mood; there’s either too much variety or not enough; the music stops and starts at just the wrong moment.

We have been working together as a duo for many years, playing at private parties, wedding receptions and hotel functions all over Spain and the Balearic Islands- we don’t make these mistakes. We can:

· adapt our music to suit you.

· Cater for the big age ranges at weddings and family parties.

· Go with the mood not forcing any strict timetable of ‘sets’ and breaks on you

· Take charge and compensate if the fun seems to be flagging8

· Encourage dancing or conversation as appropriate

We are available to entertain you and your guests from start to finish and make sure all your guests and you get the best out of the occasion.

We know you will want a mixture of live music and de-jaying so that you can hear your favourite artists and tracks and you will come to us with play lists which we will be happy to incorporate with our own repertoires.

If you want to commission a larger band we have up to three other regular partners to extend the range of what we can offer. We can also supply a Spanish guitarist to play during the aperitifs or dinner.

We’ll be happy to plan your occasion with you and provide you with exactly the level of support you want. We are equally at home giving a strong lead in the planning if that’s what you want or turning your detailed instructions into a great event.